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1 to 1 Professional coaching for Beginning Powerlifters and Seasoned Competitors!

Programs Offered

Powerlifting Development Project

16 Week Powerlifting Program to bring you from a novice to confident powerlifter, ready to tackle your first competition!

Specific Competition Preparation

If you have a preparing for a top level competition, let us know and we offer coaching packages to help you get ready!

*A minimum of 6 weeks preparation time is needed, depending on the competition and readiness level of the athlete.

Latest Articles

Preparation to Worlds: Pre-competition Thoughts

It's just about 7 hours before my competition and figured I'd pen some thoughts down while I was relaxing here. Am I excited? The answer may come as a surprise, but no. This isn't because I don’t care about the meet or the competition, but through the years of...

Worlds Preparation – Last Thoughts on Prep

Today's post actually serves to help me reflect on my journey thus far and settle my thoughts, keeping me focused on the end goal. At this stage of prep, my accumulated fatigue is pretty high and I start to entertain some doubt and negative thoughts regarding the...

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