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Our Coaches

Clinton Lee

With his sociable and inclusive demeanour, Clinton can be counted on to create an upbeat training environment conducive to fun, comprehensive learning. Coupled with his strong emphasis on meticulous technique, he strives to ensure that all his learners leave every training session having discovered something new. 

Clinton’s background in powerlifting, a sport of strength through technique, has led him to cultivate a deep understanding of how to develop strength as efficiently and as safely as possible. At the same time as guiding his learners towards their fitness goals, Clinton fosters an awareness of how they can stay positive mentally and bring out the best in themselves.


Sports Performance


  • Schoolyard Meet ’14 U93kg – Champion
  • SPA ’14 U93kg – Champion
  • SPO ’14 U93kg Juniors – Champion
  • SPO ’14 U93kg Opens – 2nd
  • SPO ’14 – Best lifter
  • SPO ’15 U83kg Juniors – Champion
  • SPO ’15 U83kg Opens – Champion
  • SPA ’15 U82kg Juniors – Champion
  • SPA ’15 U82kg Opens – Champion
  • SPA ’15 Overall – Champion
  • SPI ’15 U83kg Juniors – Champion
  • SPI ’15 U83kg Opens – Champion
  • SPO ’16 U83kg Juniors – Champion
  • SPO ’16 U83kg Opens – Champion
  • SPO ’16 Overall – Champion
  • SPA ’16 U82.5kg Juniors – Champion
  • SPA ’16 U82.5kg Opens – Champion
  • SPA ’16 Overall – Champion
  • IPF Asian/Oceania ’15 U83KG Juniors – Champion
  • IPF Asian/Oceania ’15 Overall Juniors – Champion
  • IPF Worlds 2016 Juniors – U83kg 4th
  • IPF Worlds 2018 Opens – U74kg 2nd
  • Twain Teo

    Since 2010, Twain has been working with clients looking to get in shape. Since then, he’s undertaken multiple courses covering nutrition, rehabilitation and strength training and development. This has enabled him to continually provide his clients a comprehensive approach to training and nutrition, especially with regards to integrating fitness in one’s lifestyle.

    Twain currently owns a gym (Elevate – Strength and Conditioning) and is also an active promoter of the local and regional powerlifting scene in South-east Asia. His current clientele ranges from competitive strength and physique athletes, to recreational gym goers looking to achieve their performance or physique goals.




  • Eleiko Strength Coach Lvl 1
  • Precision Nutrition Lvl 1
  • FMA Strength Level 1 and 2
  • Diploma in remedial massage (Spatec)
  • Certified in Deep Tissue Therapy (GWT)
  • American Council of Exercise Personal
  • Trainer Certification (ACE)
  • Fitness Instructor Course (FIC, SSC)

  • Singapore Powerlifting Open ’13 U105kg – 2nd
  • Singapore Powerlifting Alliance Nationals ’15 U100 – 2nd
  • Strength Assembly Meet ’15 U100 – 3rd
  • Malaysia Powerlifting Alliance Nationals ’18 U90 – 2nd
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    “Training gives us an outlet for suppressed energies created by stress and thus tones the spirit just as exercise conditions the body.”

    Arnold Schwarzenegger

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