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Mario, 26, Corporate Trainer

“Despite my personal challenges, I had the best training cycle of my career up till this point. Coach Clinton’s programming was on point, and I was making progress week to week on my bench. There were times when I felt demotivated but Clinton always had the right words to guide me back on track.

Randel, 29, Accountant

“I would definitely recommend them to anyone who wants results. I started in a skinny fat state (think skinny, but with a belly) and was able to actually gain a total of 3 kg of muscle mass within 3 months whilst leaning down.”

Jerome, 35, Banker

“Aesthetics aside, I had great improvements in my ankle mobility, which had been giving me issues for a while. Not only am I looking better, my body feels way more functional!”

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Preparation to Worlds – The Last Stretch

Hello! It was a crazy weekend over in Bangkok helping out at the Thai Powerlifting National Qualifiers and following it up with a Bench seminar as part of my World Class Powerlifting Series of Seminars with them. It was an awesome time and a great turnout. Hopefully,...

Preparation to Worlds – C3W1

After a successful deload week, it is time to head back into action and into a new training block again. My mindset for this block is to really try and enjoy every moment when I lift. What I realized from previous competitions was that when I started focusing on...

Preparation to Worlds – Cycle 2 Week 4

It was my deload week last week, so in going with the previous theme of recovery, let me share with you guys some of my thoughts on deloading and where people often go wrong. First off, in a typical deload, either the training volume or intensity will be reduced. This...

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