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What clients say

Mario, 26, Corporate Trainer

“Despite my personal challenges, I had the best training cycle of my career up till this point. Coach Clinton’s programming was on point, and I was making progress week to week on my bench. There were times when I felt demotivated but Clinton always had the right words to guide me back on track.

Randel, 29, Accountant

“I would definitely recommend them to anyone who wants results. I started in a skinny fat state (think skinny, but with a belly) and was able to actually gain a total of 3 kg of muscle mass within 3 months whilst leaning down.”

Jerome, 35, Banker

“Aesthetics aside, I had great improvements in my ankle mobility, which had been giving me issues for a while. Not only am I looking better, my body feels way more functional!”

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Programs Offered

Powerlifting Development Project

24 Week Powerlifting Program to bring you from a novice to confident powerlifter, ready to tackle your first competition!

Specific Competition Preparation

If you have a preparing for a top level competition, let us know and we offer coaching packages to help you get ready!
*A minimum of 6 weeks preparation time is needed, depending on the competition and readiness level of the athlete.

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Preparation for Worlds – Cycle 2 Week 2

The highlight of my previous week is training would definitely be how I completely destroyed myself because I refused to listen to my body. I made a crucial mistake last week, and that was to ignore how my body felt. Over the weekend prior, I was very active, coaching...

Preparation to Worlds – Cycle 2 Week 1

The past weekend at SPO was awesome but crazy busy! We're really proud of all the Atlas athletes that competed! I started the new cycle of my program last week. In my previous blog post, I talked about how programming and proper planning could help in bringing your...

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