Preparation for Worlds – Cycle 2 Week 2

The highlight of my previous week is training would definitely be how I completely destroyed myself because I refused to listen to my body.

I made a crucial mistake last week, and that was to ignore how my body felt. Over the weekend prior, I was very active, coaching full days at SPO 2019 and helping with the logistics of the competition after the event. This involved lots of equipment transporting and menial labour.

This resulted in accumulating way more fatigue than I estimated. I didn’t rest at all and jumped straight into training on day 1, thinking my body could take it.

Coming into day 1 training, I had a top single squat at 255kg. This should have been easily doable, but I almost lost the lift. My knees were sore and I couldn’t seem to find the power and balance during the execution.

Even though I managed to push through, it was definitely not the wisest move. Completing the training program according to plan just means that I beat the mental aspect of training, but that is short-lived. I neglected the most important aspect of recovery and progression. Due to the high fatigue over the week, I knew I had to do something to save the training block.

In an effort to prevent the week from being a waste, I reduced my training frequency to 4x a week. I decided to drop the last day of training which is basically the recovery squat and bench day. The original intention of this day was to get some movement work in and allow more practice of the cues.

However, I currently feel confident of my cues and execution for the lifts, and do not need this extra frequency. Given my current work commitments as well, I need to allow MORE TIME for my body to recover.

This is probably the most important thing in training – being objective about your performance and keeping yourself on track to reach the bigger goal, even if that means you need to slow down a little to avoid derailing from the plan.

I had a great rest over the weekend, and I scheduled in time to relax and rest, which really helped facilitate my recovery. Let’s see how it goes this

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