Preparation to Worlds – C3W1

After a successful deload week, it is time to head back into action and into a new training block again.

My mindset for this block is to really try and enjoy every moment when I lift. What I realized from previous competitions was that when I started focusing on pursuing numbers, I actually started to dread training and going to the gym. I no longer had any fun in training and it did not intrinsically motivate me to want to push to be better and better.

Last year around this time, training was super tough and frustrating. Things were never going the way I had planned. I was pushing myself extremely hard hoping for a massive return, but I was so caught up in it that I was not enjoying the process AT ALL. I had a very negative mindset and I would head into training thinking that I would probably suck again in that session. Till today, I can still remember how much I hated myself and my training back then.

This year, I’m determined not to make the same mistake. My partner reminded me of my true purpose of lifting, which is to enjoy it and inspire those who enjoy lifting as well. I really love the moment when I stepped into the rack feeling confident that I would nail the weight. This definitely trumps the feeling of hesitating and praying that I would make the lift.

With this positivity in mind, I was able to perform well this week! I hit a sensible top single for my squat (260kg), bench (170kg) and deadlift (285kg). To be honest, they felt slightly rusty in terms of the execution, but that’s to be expected after a week of lighter weights (remember my previous post on deloading and expectations?).

Shifting your mindset is the most powerful training tool that I can recommend. This mental aspect plays such a huge role in performing optimally that it is where we always start with out clients. If you enjoy every step you take towards your goal, not only will you do your best every single time, but you increase all possibility that you will surpass your goals in the shortest amount of time!

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