Preparation to Worlds – Cycle 2 Week 3

The awesome thing about recovery is that it guarantees a boost in performance. After all this is what we are all looking for when we do up our programming.

After last week, I was harshly reminded of the importance of listening to my body – all the signs and changes in mood are just your body calling out for help. The difference was that this week I listened!

The moment week 3 started, I knew it was going to be awesome! On day 1, I hit a 260kg top single, and as expected, it moved much better than week 2’s 255kg. This was due to the increased focus on recovery and the changes made in training last week.

Deadlift went great as well, but I could feel the fatigue accumulating up. This was the same for my bench press. Things were moving very well, but the fatigue was creeping in. The rest of training for the week was pretty uneventful.

One thing I need to highlight, especially from this cycle, is the importance of recovery. The things you do to help your recovery are EXTREMELY important.

One huge aspect of this is sleep. Sleep is extremely important as it the only time your body has to fully focus on repairing itself. This was a major change I made since last week, where I made it a point to get more consistent sleep. Believe it or not, it actually does take quite a bit of discipline to ensure you get consistently good sleep!

I went to bed at the same time each night and ensured I got roughly the same number of hours of sleep every time. In fact, one of the key things I’ve realized is that even if the hours are the same, going to bed earlier tends to lead to better rest. I made it a point to sleep before 12am and wake up at 7am. IT was actually quite hard at first as I’m used to sleeping really late, but as with all things, practice makes it easier.

With this, I leave you some words of advice, as told to me ages ago by some random uncle in Woodlands Clubfit Gym: “If you want to perform well and make progress, sacrifice needs to happen. You may lose some time for leisure, but what you gain will be more than you can imagine.”

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