Preparation to Worlds – Cycle 2 Week 4

It was my deload week last week, so in going with the previous theme of recovery, let me share with you guys some of my thoughts on deloading and where people often go wrong.

First off, in a typical deload, either the training volume or intensity will be reduced. This depends entirely on what the next block will be. The whole point of the deload is to reduce the accumulated fatigue from the previous training weeks.

The exertion and output will definitely be lower than previous weeks. A typical example is using 60% of the loads from the previous weeks and keeping the workout structure the same.

One mistake we observe in trainees is that they want to use the deloading week as a ‘speed’ week. This is not ideal as actual speed training is still very fatiguing to the body if done properly. If not done well, you get a sort of hybrid half-assed session where you don’t really train anything; the loads are not heavy enough to stimulate much, and you still maintain some fatigue from the session instead of having the fatigue dissipate.

My advice is this: Don’t even try to go hard and make the weight fly just because it’s comparatively light. Your body is simply too tired to work at that capacity. Let it rest, and focus on reinforcing the technique.

We like to make use of the deload week as a time to revisit the cues for the big lifts. Personally, I like to make sure each rep that I do is executed as perfectly as possible. This actually helps to prepare you for your next phase of training, as well as acting as active recovery.

A good deload block should be a good transition for you to the next training block. Make use of it and rest your body well. Focusing your attention on the execution which will help you tremendously when it is time for the new block!

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