Preparation to Worlds – The Last Stretch

Hello! It was a crazy weekend over in Bangkok helping out at the Thai Powerlifting National Qualifiers and following it up with a Bench seminar as part of my World Class Powerlifting Series of Seminars with them. It was an awesome time and a great turnout. Hopefully, everyone managed to learn a thing or two about making more bench press gains.

well, I’m finally back to routine in Singapore, continuing my preparation towards the biggest competition of the year. These next few posts will be mainly focued on the mental aspect of powerlifting and competing.

As the competition draws close, the pressure to perform better gets higher and higher. I always feel like I’m constantly battling with myself. In training, I expect better performance, that I will be lifting heavier weights and moving them faster with better technique. Nutrition is also something I have to get right, and I actually need to be intentional about getting enough rest. How many of you feel the same? It takes quite a bit of effort to ensure you sleep early.

I definitely will get annoyed if things don’t go according to my plan, and it seems like there are just so many things working against you at times which make it very demotivating. Some days, this even makes you less willing to train!

To be honest, this is what I experience every single competition. If you feel the same when you are preparing for a competition, then rest assured that this is normal. In fact, this is very common if you are put under pressure. After, time is ticking down to the competition, and you have trained so hard for this one day. You definitely would not want to risk wasting it.

How I personally deal with this is to remember the purpose of my journey. I think less about the numbers and work more on improving the hardiness of my mindset. The stuff that are beyond my ability to control will be pushed aside and will not affect me. I will focus on enjoying the process, and finding the little joys that make everything feel worthwhile.

Try and make this journey a fruitful one. Always remember that every preparation is a learning journey for you to improve. Are you ready for it?

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