Preparation to Worlds – Cycle 1 Week 2

Based on my adjustments from the previous week, I knew what was going to happen this week. I had set it up such that this week’s training would go pretty well. After all, last week was just the intro week, re-visiting the technique for the lifts so that training would be smooth on the next week.


This week, my top single squat at 250kg moved just how it should. Truthfully, it did feel a little rusty, but I know that it will improve by the next week. My working sets also moved better and the weight felt light on my back.

As per last week, the focus was on the tempo of the descent and I managed to establish a very consistent position at the bottom of the squat. This allows me to use more quads during the ascent.

This was a successful training for me and really helps me to establish the momentum moving forward. Good training must build from session to session.

Bench Press

For this week, I programmed a top single of 170kg for my bench press. I will admit that I was fairly nervous about it, so I took more warm-ups this session. The weight came up well, so this was a big confidence booster to me. I am pretty confident that as I move this weight better and better week to week, the PRs will definitely come.

I kept the intensity relatively high for my working sets. I took a small increment from last week, using 147.5kg for 5 sets of 3. These were relatively easy and my focus was on my new set-up, which allowed me to keep my butt on the bench confidently and to use my leg drive more.

While it is tempting to make bigger increments based on how easy the weights move, I know I need to be patient because I can still milk more progress out of the current intensities. At the elite level of competition, maximizing every little bit from each rep and set is the key to making the most amount of progress.


This week, my top single was a 275kg deadlift. This went super well, and there was no issues with my grip. This was another good workout added into the books.

One key focus for this session was to grip more with my fourth and last finger to take some pressure off my thumbs. This style of gripping would result in a lower likelihood of my thumb taping breaking. While my grip felt pretty secure, I am still not as confident of this technique yet and need to work it a little more. My loss in grip during the competition is something I do not want repeated!

Last thoughts

I find it really amazing how the body can adapt so quickly if you make the right edits and adjustments to your program. Sometimes if your training is bad on the first week, it might be an adjustment period that your body is going through, so sticking with the plan and allowing it to progress is key to figuring out what needs to be adjusted.

I was discussing with coach Twain on this issue and we realized that a good coach is always confident about what to expect from the training and is able to make the necessary adjustments to stay on the right path.

As someone who coaches himself, I am glad I can look at my training objectively and treat myself as I would a client, making the adjustments necessary based on the objective feedback of my body. I’m glad I stuck through the first adjustment week; now to build on it!

Onwards and upwards!

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