Worlds Preparation – Last Thoughts on Prep

Today’s post actually serves to help me reflect on my journey thus far and settle my thoughts, keeping me focused on the end goal. At this stage of prep, my accumulated fatigue is pretty high and I start to entertain some doubt and negative thoughts regarding the competition.

To some it may be surprising to hear, but as an athlete competing on the world stage at this level, the pressure can really do a number on your psyche. In times like this, just 2 weeks out with the rise in intensity, my lifts start to move perceptively slower. Further more as my weight is also intentionally kept low, it serves to amplify this feeling.

This experience is definitely not new to me. Regardless, my natural response is to fall back into my habit of overanalysing everything. I start to think a lot more about each of my lifts. I wonder why my lifts feel so heavy. I begin to play around with my technique, trying to figure out what I can change to help improve the efficiency of my lifts.

This actually leads me to do things that were definitely different from what I’ve practiced throughout the prep. It might be an occupational hazard, but I like to make tons of technique adjustments. As a coach, I have so many different ideas and strategies on how to adjust one’s technique and programming to improve one’s lift. Naturally, when the lifts get harder for me, I want to make it easier. I want to change things. However, THIS should not be the case when you’re the athlete.

To all of you who feel the same and find yourself in the same shoes, this is going to be a very important point to remember: DO NOT alter your technique when your fatigue levels go up. Improving technique should only be done during the volume and accumulation periods. These should not be done during peaking, and generally not during strength blocks.

Think less, move fast, work hard; let your muscle memory do the job. All the analysing should have been done in the initial prep phases. Right now all I need to do is to trust the process, and I recommend that you do the same too!

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